Privacy Policy


Who am I

My name is Anuj Kaushik, also known as Aiquiral. This privacy policy is concerned with the domain and all its subdomains (*

What personal data I collect and why I collect it

The data collected from the visitors include, referrer, IP address, browser, operating system and device type. No other sensitive data is collected. I collect this data to improve my services and fight off bots. No cookies are stored on your device(s).


For analytics, I use a self-hosted instance of Shynet (

To opt out of this analytics collection, simply block the domain.

Who I share your data with

I do not share this data with anyone.

How long I retain your data

All the collected data is removed every month.

Contact information

My contact information is available here.

Additional information

All of my services are either hosted or routed through Hetzner’s servers. (

How I protect your data

I always choose the best open source solution available to maintain privacy, along with other practices like keeping everything up to date, enforcing strong encryption, etc.


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